Student Testimonials

“From the moment I joined Penn Foster College, several doors have been opened to me. Penn Foster College is truly reliable and dependable both in the shipping of documents and prompt response to any queries a student may have.”

“I am honoured to be a Penn Foster Graduate in Electrical Engineering Technology. The program was well structured and easy to understand. The payment terms were also reasonable and pocket friendly. The program has improve my status at work. I am now confident and can tackle any electrical problem both at work and for our customers.”

“I strongly recommend people to enroll at Penn Foster because the programs are affordable and flexible…especially for those who work full-time and have family responsibilities. Honestly, I have enjoyed and benefitted greatly from my Business Management Program. Penn Foster College has laid a very crucial cornerstone for me to move forward.”

“When my employer saw my second semester degree, I was awarded a supervisory position. Now that I have completed the whole program, a senior supervision or management position is a matter of time. Completing a program at Penn Foster is more than just earning a degree. It is a life changing experience. I am currently in the process of enrolling in another program and I can guarantee you that it is the best decision you'll ever make.”

“Enrolling with Penn Foster is the best thing that could have happened to me. I can now be at home to cook dinner, help the kids with their homework, and still find time to study and complete assignments. The programs are very flexible and affordable.”

“Penn Foster’s lesson materials are clear and easy to understand. The tuition fees are affordable, and you can choose any mode of payment that suits you. Studying with Penn Foster is like studying with a local college. You can communicate on any matter any time, and you will be helped accordingly.”

“You can never go wrong with Penn Foster. The pace is yours, the time is yours, and the books are sent to you. Assistance is just a phone call away.”

“After completion of my degree, my company promoted me and also increased my salary. In my program the lessons were so easy to understand. I really enjoyed my program. Penn Foster is so well-known for education that it’s the only school I considered applying to.”